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Granite will bring any home project to life, from counter tops to fireplaces. Granite for the home counter top will return more value for the consumer, and add an unexcelled beauty to any home. Granite sets the standard for the home, and is the focal point of most of the kitchen conversation. Get your granite counter top installed by Artisan Granite & Marble in Emerald Isle, NC.

The new generation of granite industry professionals would like to spread awareness about the many attributes of granite. They believe that the more people know about granite, the more it will become their counter top of choice. Some common myths about granite are that it is high maintenance, it is easily stained, and it promotes bacteria growth. We have addressed these areas of misinformation using sources such as Marble Institute of America and the Hospitality Institute of Technology and Management.

Granite, marble -- what is it?

1. What are granite and marble?

Granite is a coarse grained igneous rock consisting essentially of quartz, feldspar, and mica, molten and formed as it cooled deep within the earth. Minerals within granite typically appear as small flecks throughout the stone, some create a salt & pepper look, and other types have veining similar to marble. Granite can be highly polished or finished in a variety of ways, giving it a sense of beauty and individuality that is in demand today.

Marble, being a calcium carbonate based product, is easily damaged by anything acidic, such as most fruit juices, wine, perfumes, sterilizing agent, tomatoes, and so on. That is why marble is not used on kitchen counter tops. These things don’t stain the surface, but actually eat through the surface. 

Granite cost?

2. Granite is expensive!

Due to the advances in mining, mill working, and fabrication equipment, granite is more affordable today than some of your high end counter top materials, such as Corian, Silestone, Zodiac, Cement tops, etc. Don’t count granite out because you think it might be too much. At Artisan Granite & Marble, estimates are free. You can even pick out granite samples to take home, so you can be sure you are investing in the right choice.

Granite stains?

3. Granite stains and has to be resealed all the time.

All counter top products are susceptible to staining, but properly treated granite is better than most at repelling them. Oliophobic impregnators are designed to repel both water and oil based liquids. Cooking oil, grease, and body oils, as well as water based liquids such as coffee, tea, fruit drinks, and soda, are examples of substances that would be repelled by an oliophobic impregnator. Not all sealers are impregnators and not all impregnators are oliophobic, which is the most recommended for granite. It is important to consult with a stone professional that is knowledgeable with the various professional and homeowner stone care products on the market. If a local distributor for stone care products is available, he or she will be a good place to start.


Facts about bacteria

4. Granite allows bacteria growth:

Bacteria are present in all walks of life, but here is the real truth about Granite. Consumers today are concerned about the many contaminative substances that their counter tops could be exposed to every day. It’s the cleaning ability of the counter top material that is the real question. Can normal every day cleaning be enough? A study by Dr. O. Peter Snyder of the Hospitality Institute of Technology and Management used e.coli bacteria as its contamination agent. The findings of the report show significant advantages of natural granite counter tops over almost all other commonly found counter top surface materials. Using six counter top surfaces for the test, granite was ranked first in cleaning ability. After washing and rinsing, the granite tops provided the greatest reduction in bacteria counts of all the counter top materials tested, followed by stainless steel, concrete, tile, wood, and plastic laminate. When cleaned with a 10% solution of household vinegar and water, granite bacteria reduction goes from 36,000 to 1, to 80,000,000 to 1. For a more detailed explanation of this report, you can go to www.hi-tm.com, and click on Publications and Reports, or go to www.marble-institute.com to view Marble Institute of America’s home page.

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